We form a non-profit voluntary organization called "Group With", composed of mothers with living experience abroad.
We hold activities inTokyo with the intention to help other children and families planning to undergo similar experiences adapt to foreign culture to enrich their lives abroad.

Among major activities of "Group With" are ;

  • posting on our web-site a list of organizations in Japan and abroad which provide consultation services on mental health issues for Japanese people who are living and have lived abroad
  • holding seminars on various topics
  • providing information on mental health issues based on interviews with professionals
    In addition, for families with handicapped children who are living abroad, we provide information on medical treatment and education available in foreign countries including a list of Japanese schools and pre-schools which accept handicapped children.

Group With provides the following information on our web-site in addition to holding seminars on various topics,


a Report by Dr. Yoko Totsuka, Japan Psychological Practice
Mental Health and Psychological Needs of Japanese Clients in the U.K. Counselling and Psychotherapy Resources


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